We all have our own ways of coping with stress. While some choose to cope with physical activities, others may choose to binge-watch their favorite show. That being said, one of the most popular coping mechanisms for dealing with stress is to eat, and at Soda Jerks, we support the need to eat while you’re stressed. Whether you’re in the mood for gourmet burgers, french fries, or a milkshake, Soda Jerks has got it all! We even give you the option to create your own burger with all of your favorite toppings using our burger worksheet. There’s never a bad time to eat at Soda Jerks, so stop by one of our locations today!

While stress eating isn’t the worst of all the coping mechanisms, it’s not the best either. In today’s post, we will take a look at some of the reasons why people ease their stress with food. However, if you’re still craving a delicious gourmet burger once you’re done reading, be sure to stop by Soda Jerks!

Not Thinking Clearly

Stress can come from a myriad of different things such as impending deadlines, money, or relationship problems to name a few. Often you may feel stressed because you have too many tasks to accomplish in a short amount of time, so you find yourself running around trying to multitask. In these situations, your mind is focused on other tasks, leading you to do things without even really thinking about what you’re doing. For example, if you’re trying to get things done but you feel hungry, you may pick up the nearest bag of chips, but because your mind is focusing on a number of other tasks, you may not even notice that you’ve eaten half the bag of chips.

Lack of Sleep

At some point or another, you’ve laid awake in bed unable to sleep due to stress. As we mentioned above, many people become stressed because they have too many things to accomplish in a short amount of time. Because you’re worried about not being able to get everything done, it causes you to lay awake at night unable to sleep. Unfortunately, sleep has a lot of control over our overall body function, and a lack of sleep can disrupt the chemicals ghrelin and leptin that are responsible for appetite regulation. In addition to throwing off the balance of the chemicals responsible for appetite, a lack of sleep can also decrease your resistance to temptation, giving you the go-ahead to reach for your favorite comfort foods.

Irregular Eating Schedule

When you’re stressed, it can throw off your entire day, especially if you’re running around trying to get a million things done at once. Because you’re so focused on the tasks at hand, it’s easy to go almost the entire day without a meal. Once you finally have a chance to collect your thoughts, you probably come to the realization that you haven’t eaten all day, leading you to overeat. Even just one skipped meal can throw off your eating schedule. Not to mention, once you realize you’re hungry, you most likely won’t take the time to eat a proper meal, instead of reaching for whatever food option is the most convenient.

Late-Night Eating

We’ve all been there. You’re up late at night and you see a commercial for fast food and you start craving a snack. Instead of ignoring the craving or reaching for something healthy, you grab a bag of chips, cookies, or another junk food. Believe it or not, it’s more common for people to snack at night than it is for them to snack during the day. Additionally, if you’re stressed and you didn’t eat properly throughout the day, you’re more likely to snack late at night.

These are just a few reasons that people tend to stress-eat. At Soda Jerks, we support the need to stress-eat. Whether you’re stressed about work, relationships, or your home life, one of our juicy, gourmet burgers is always there give you the comfort you need. Check out our menu online, or stop by a Soda Jerks nearest you!

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