When you are a burger lover, you view things differently than other people. We know that because at Soda Jerks, Edmonton’s favorite burger joint, we are THE burger lovers. If you are as obsessed with burgers as we are, you know these things to be true:

There’s no wrong time to eat a burger.

At some point in the life of every burger lover, someone has told you that burgers aren’t for breakfast. Don’t listen to those fools! At Soda Jerks, we know that tasty burgers are for any time of day. Whether you are sweet on our PB&J Burger or Donut Burger, or you are more the savory type who opts for our BNE Burger, we have something to satisfy your breakfast burger craving.

Take the Doris burger challenge at Soda Jerks in Edmonton!No burger is too big.

“Are you really going to eat all of that?!” Of course! It is a burger! There is no burger too big for a true burger lover. When you’re up for a real challenge, come in and try the Doris. A pound of ground beef, cheese, bacon, egg, lettuce, onion, tomato, and mayo sandwiched between two bacon grilled cheese sandwiches, this burger is not for the faint of heart. Finish her and we’ll give you a free T-shirt!

Burgers are an art.

From the most basic cheeseburger to the most unique burger you can imagine, every burger is a work of art. At Soda Jerks, you have the freedom to craft the burger of your dreams. We offer an extensive and unique selection of toppings, from chocolate dipped bacon to Captain Crunch to mini donuts. Nothing is too “out there” here!

Soda Jerks is the burger joint in Edmonton that understands you. Come in and enjoy the most delicious burgers Alberta has to offer. Name your craving today!