At Soda Jerks™ we believe in making our food better. Better burgers start with more than 50 toppings and 100 percent Angus Ground Chuck. Better sodas start with glass bottles. Better milkshakes start with hand-scooped premium ice cream. Better sides start with better ingredients, and most importantly of all, a better experience starts at Soda Jerks Burgers & Bottles.

At Soda Jerks Burgers & Bottles, every item on the menu is designed to be the best – offering not only top quality ingredients, but the best taste as well.

Soda Jerks first location opened March 7th, 2011 at 17520 – 100 Ave Edmonton, Alberta. After sampling hundreds of burger recipes, making dozens of menu revisions, and constantly tweaking the concept, we created a fun and quirky new restaurant at West Point Center.

Better burgers start with more than 50 toppings: Not only do we have the conventional toppings that offered by most burger restaurants, but we want you to have fun with your uniquely creative burger. Try it with peanut butter, Doritos, Calamari, or even Chocolate Covered Bacon!

Better beef patties start with 100 percent Angus Ground Chuck: Our burgers contain the perfect amount of fat content to make every burger juicy and delicious. We use secret spices and no fillers to make the perfect Soda Jerks™ hamburger patty. Not to mention, our burgers are mixed and smashed daily.

Better sodas start with glass bottles: Not only does this have a nostalgic feel, but it makes the soda taste crisper and cleaner. The most unique sodas are only packaged in glass bottles as they are easier to fill and cap. We also think that soda tastes the best from a glass bottle, therefore we only provide a cup with ice by request.

Better milkshakes start with hand-scooped hard ice cream: Everything is better when you need to work for it. We take hard ice cream and hand blend it the old school way with a variety of flavors, giving you a shake that is nice and thick.

Better sides start with better ingredients: We use Kennebec potatoes and our fries are cut fresh using our signature four-step process to produce only the best hand-cut fries.

Better Desserts start with chocolate covered bacon: Need we say more?